FIFA 15 Squad Builder – Quick Sell Rare Silver 74-Rated Players

It’s difficult that won’t lose any fifa 15 coins when your invest in a decent team sometimes. so we researched the rare silver 74-rated players to see whether could build a decent team, whilst ensuring you CAN’T lose any of your precious FUT coins! 74-rated rare silver players have a quick sell value of 259 coins, so we had to win these players for 150-200-250 coins respectively, on open bid/buy now ONLY!

As you can see, I was able to build three squads, albeit not with perfect 100 team Chemistry, and with some players with less-than-desirable individual chemistry. The three different squads were a Spanish-based squad, a Serie A/Italy squad, and a Ligue 1 squad. Granted, I was building this team on PC, so it is possible to build other types of 74 rated rare silver player squads on the Xbox and Playstation platforms.

Now, in order not to lose any FUT 15 coins on these squads, you would play the allotted 7 games and quick sell them (or sell at a higher price on the Transfer Market). How many coins would this make if you discarded the players at their 259 quick sell value?

(+9 profit per player x 11 players)= 99 coins


(coins per match= 425 coins (average) x 7 games)= 2975 coins


Just shy over 3000 coins (3074 to be precise).

So, you would need to keep rotating 74-rated silver players into your squad to make this work, while attempting to keep the chemistry as high as possible (make sure you also add a manager with country and/or league similarity to add additional chemistry). Therefore, this squad builder is more useful for beginner players who are looking for a safe investment while they are building their coin stashes. Use this squad to complete as many single player seasons against the computer as well as some of the easier single player tournaments against the computer.

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