FIFA 15 TOTY Goalkeeper and Defenders Available

This year’s FIFA 15 TOTY boasts the highest defender and goalkeeper rating ever in the game! The German shot-stopper, Manuel Neuer, is rated at an unbelievable 96. Neuer is practically a brick wall in-front the goal, not even an in-form Messi or Ronaldo can break this fortress.

Our defenders include former German captain, Phillip Lahm, now rated as the highest defender ever in FIFA at 95. Lahm is followed by Sergio Ramos and Thiago Silva, with 94 and 93 ratings respectively. Last, we have a questionable David Luiz rated at 89. Gamers are currently complaining that Luiz is the odd man out in this back line, as Bayern Munich’s David Alaba was a far superior option at left back.

Gamers, no time to complain, go and purchase the best defenders and goalkeepers ever offered in FIFA Ultimate Team.

These ratings are what we called glitches.

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