FIFA 15 Officially Recognized Top Goal Scorer: Adrian Ramos

FIFA 15 is a very solid simulation of the sport of football when it comes to presentation and feeling, but the Ultimate Team mode is encouraging gamers to mix and match players to create their own winning formula, which can often deliver very different results from the real world.

Adrian Ramos, a player from Borussia Dortmund, has been used by players to deliver 10.78 million goals in their Ultimate Team rosters, which is more than a number of established stars managed to score.

The fact that Adrian Ramos is the best scorer at the moment shows how the community has managed to discover hidden gems and to create interesting teams around them.

The rest of the top scoring list for FIFA 15 Ultimate Team includes, according to the official announcement:

Daniel Sturridge, from Liverpool FC, with 10.27 million goals

Loic Remy, of Chelsea FC, the creator of 10.25 million goals

Romelu Lukaku, hailing from Everton, who delivered 7.87 million goals

Danny Welbeck, of Arsenal, standing at 7.34 million goals

Alexandre Lacazette, of Lyon, with 7.31 million goals

Víctor Ibarbo, from Cagliari, delivering 7.20 million goals

Karim Benzema, of Real Madrid, with 6.59 million goals

Diego Costa, from Chelsea FC England, generating 6.59 million goals

Eduardo Vargas, from Queens Park Rangers, with 6.50 million goals

Javier Hernandez, who is looking to leave Real Madrid, the creator of 6.30 million goals

Christian Benteke, from Aston Villa, delivering 6.28 million goals

Mario Balotelli, of Liverpool FC, with 6.25 million goals

Ciro Immobile, hailing from Borussia Dortmund, who managed to deliver 5.75 million goals

Carlos Tevez, a player for Juventus, scored 5.63 million goals

Gonzalo Higuain, from Napoli, with 5.50 million goals

Rodrigo, of Valencia CF, standing at 5.48 million goals

Stevan Jovetic, mostly a reserve for Manchester City, delivering 5.05 million goals

Mario Mandzukic, playing for Atletico de Madrid, with 4.90 million goals

Robert Lewandowski from Bayern Munchen, with 4.90 million goals

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