FIFA 15: Web App Login Verification Becomes Mandatory

To make all players remain secure while enjoy the FIFA 15 Ultimate Team, it’s said that Web App Login Verification Becomes Mandatory by EA Sports in charge of the FIFA 15 football sim. Some members of the community will see the new requirement as soon as December 9, and all those who plan to login will need it starting December 12.

EA Sports explains that gamers will need to turn off their Login Verification information, using either e-mail or SMS, and then create or verify a secret question for FIFA 15 Ultimate Team. The company states, “You’ll now be sent a code either by email or phone when attempting to log-in from an untrusted device, and every 90 days when logging in from trusted devices, helping to make sure only you and your unique code will be able to get into your Origin Account.”

Those who choose the Remember this device option will not need to use a security code on it in the future. Backup codes are also generated, which can be used for FIFA 15 Ultimate Team Web App access when a phone is not accessible, and EA Sports says that these should be stored in a safe but accessible location.

FIFA 15 has a better security history than its predecessor

The login verification for the Web App for FIFA 15 Ultimate Team is needed in order to make sure that members of the player community remain secure in the long term.

In previous versions of the football sim, the service was often used by unscrupulous players who sought to get access to more coins for the mode via cheating. The number of incidents so far this year seems to have dropped as EA Sports has introduced tougher security measures.

Unfortunately, groups that target FIFA 15 players have switched tactics and are now using fake support accounts to request data for accounts, often claiming that they are using them to deliver a range of rewards or exclusive content.

The new football title has introduced a relatively small number of core gameplay changes, but it has added some solid presentation upgrades.

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