6 Categories of Striker Attributes of FIFA 15

In FIFA 15, how to choose the best and effective Striker depends on whether you mastered Striker attributes, so, let’s the 6 categories of Striker attributes in FIFA 15, so that you can build a strong FIFA 15 Ultimate Team to help you win more fifa 15 coins.

1. Workrates

This is the most important attribute for Strike, can ruin a super striker, also can make a normal striker becomes practical. Below are 3 best and 4 bad Workrates combination for Striker.


High/Low, the best choice for striker. ST will stay frontcourt, you do not use LB key when attacking and counterattack, he will automatically running forward actively.

Double Strikers formation, must have a H/L ST, such as Aguero.

Med/Low, the best choice for DEEP Lying Forward, such as Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

High/Med, can as a Advanced Forward or Terminator, such as Costa Soares.


Low/Med, Low/High, Low/Low, Med/High.

Special Workrate

Med/Med, like attacking midfielder, if you want him playing more like a strike, the PACE must need 90+, or he just used in special formation 4-3-3 and more suitable for a single striker, such as Remy Ibarbo.

High/High, this striker can appear any where in the game, you can not define his role, but it is not suitable for a single striker and counterattack, physical slot empty easy. It can play his role with H/L Striker in double ST formation, such as Welbeck.

2. Shooting (finishing, shot power, long shots)

Different attack workrates, the different requirement for finishing, shot power and long shots.

High attack workrates: finishing is important.

Med attack workrates: Shot power is important.

Low attack workrates: long shots is important like CM or CAM.

3. Dribbling (ball control, dribbling, agility, skill moves)

Dribbling is most important for Medium Attack workrate ST, the more chance and time with the ball. Ball control, dribbling and agility are important for ST, he can control ball good if has 2 higher values, if three values are not high, try to kick ball to reduce the Possession rate. 

4 star Skill Moves can do berbaspin and rainbow, 5 star can do mcgeady spin and scoop turn, is very useful action for 1VS1. Compare with the attribute of ball control, skill move just is a luxury, the attributes is more important for all any position players.

4. Pace (acceleration, sprint speed)

For each ST, Pace also is very important attribute, can make some mediocre workrate ST become a monster, such as Remy Ibarbo. Pace is divided into the accelerationa and sprint speed. For medium attack workrate ST, acceleration is very important, and sprint speed is more important for high attack workrate ST, to get rid of the last defensive player and complete the shot.

5. Size/Strength/Heading

Strong body to let ST has a good ball control, these three attributes are closely related. In FIFA 15 Ultimate Team, if his heading attribute is low but has a very strong and tall body, he fight to the header more easy, like Iraq. While, the little physical player with high jumping and heading attribute, also will lose a lot of chance to header, like Falcao.

6. Weak Foot

4 Star and 5 Star ST is better to play a single Striker, can goal in every direction. But in Double ST formation, the weak foot is not important.

Single ST Formation

4231, 451: the best formation for Deep lying forward (M/L), such as Ibrahimovic, Benzer, interconnected with CF and CAM can play the biggest role, and the body and heading is a advantage in the confrontation.

433,343: the winger and center midfielder are relatively far away, need a ST to connect the midfield forward, Med/Low, High/Med, Med/Med ST can be competent, is also the best formation for Benzer. If you want to play pass and make scored more headed, High/Med is the best.

4321, 5221, 3421: LF/RF are closely with ST, LF/RF bear the connection midfield role, ST just responsible scored, H/L is the best choice.

Double ST Formation

This formation is very simple, ideally, the best ST combination is H/L and M/L, Aguero + Van Persie, make the forward line very layered. Double H ST also will play well, but the premise of he need a H/L ST to grab points.

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