How to Improve Yourself in Madden NFL 17

Players might find their own ways to improve themselves. Although patience and practice is necessary when you’re playing, there is still several suggestions from other players who have played for a while to help you improve. 

1. Make use of training

Using the training in the game to learn how to select better plays, read coverage, and understand routes. Understanding how to read and react to coverage is key to getting better. Below are tips you should care about.

Operating on a time limit: Obviously you don’t have all day in the pocket, and if you’re playing with the Bucs, you don’t even have time to consider not getting sacked. You have to be able to work quickly.

Knowing your routes: Knowing where to look is obviously going to make your life easier. Use your show-play button, and know where you need to be looking instead of trying to find your receiver or which button they are.

Recognizing Patterns: Looking for patterns that can immediately tip you off if a receiver is going to be open. 

2. Build your own custom playbook

Take a playbook that you like, and run practice, over and over using each play numerous times, using hot routes to enhance certain plays, and getting a feel which plays work for you. Edit down that playbook to have a lot let plays making it easier to find which ones work for you. 

3. Learn user-control

Learn how to user-control a player in the middle of the field, such as a linebacker or safety, and begin to recognize plays and route patterns. Most players will stick to four or five plays, and will do those plays over and over again. If you take those routes away from them, they will either test your user, or begin to break down because they have no alternative.

4. Know your opponents

On offense, recognize your opponent’s defensive coverage and when to audible out of plays. If they are stacking the box, it’s probably best not to run. If they are doing dime/dollar defense, it’s a good idea to run.

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