utfifa15coins:Madden 17 Franchise: What Settings Change before You Start

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What setting are a must change before you start the Madden 17 franchise mode? Sliders, 30 team control or something else? Settings changes can make your game experience better. In this page, ideas from game players are collected.


For different game players, they get different ideas to setting changes and also they can feel comfortable with the changes. Below are several points.


1. Change the XP sliders to something realistic, adjust coaching scheme and playbook to my preference, usually turn off coach firing so you don't get canned when you tank for draft picks. If you don't change the xp sliders your going to have a awful time developing players. Same goes for game play sliders, but it's not as significant. 


2. Also for this game set the cpu development at the end of the season. The CPU spends the XP efficiently. More XP at the end lets them spend on things the player actually needs. If you've noticed when you let the CPU spend your xp (if you've ever done that) it just tries to spend the XP in any way possible to have the smallest amount left. Not in categories that's significant for a players development.


3. When you play single player, remove the salary cap and just lock yourself into making realistic signings.  If you're going to abide by some sort of rules (i.e. keeping signings realistic), why turn it off? You could offer realistic deals, and if they decline then go onto the next person you're interested in. However not having cap means you still get the chance to get all the players you want.


4. Injuries are a very real part of the game. It's a fun extra challenge to have to adjust to unexpected mid-season injuries. Just focus on getting all of your players to 92+ Injury and 86+ Toughness ratings (arbitrary numbers, but in that range) and injuries will be a rarity for your team. So turn off coach firing and turn injuries down so you won't lose a starter every game. Then just play around with the sliders until you figure out a good balance that allows you easily beat teams. Then you should blow out and games where the overalls are both close.


Of course, you get your own ideas. What seetings change you do before the beginning? Still play the game? Shortage of NFL 17 coins? Cheap NFL 17 coins are available on our website. If you become VIP of our website, high discount is earned to you. And also follow us can earn you a coupon code.

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