The Right Way to Make FIFA Coins With Your Player Chemistry Styles

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Player chemistry styles method means a process of finding a popular player, with a popular and expensive Chemistry Style (Hunter or Shadow) applied, on a bid for cheaper than their going Buy Now price. Although these bargains will often pop up on a Buy Now, you will have much less competition sniping one of these bargains on a bid.


Method Summary

  1. Identify a popular player, listed in high volume, for between 5-15k that other FUTers will want to apply a popular / expensive Chemistry Style Consumable to. Firstly find the going Buy Now price of your chosen player with the basic Chemistry Style applied, secondly find the price of your desired Chemistry Style Consumable, and finally gauge the going Buy Now price of your player with that Chemistry Style applied.
  2. Once you have this information, you can calculate your maximum price to bid. However you should always look to bid in the lowest possible increments, or you will just be wasting fifa coins!
  3. Once you’ve won the auction, list the player at the cheapest on the market (if several are listed) on a 1 hour listing. Always ensure you’re proactive and re-listing after the hour, as they often sell (assuming you have listed them for less than the player + chemistry style value combined).


It’s worth noting that this method will also work for popular and relatively expensive Position Changes. The more jumps a player makes (whilst also staying in a desirable position), often the higher the Buy Now price will be! You can sometimes attach Positional Change cards yourself to up the value of the player, in excess of the price of the Position Change cards.


The Proof With Chemistry Styles


Please note that for simplicity and the purpose of this guide we will be demonstrating the Chemistry Styles method using 2 players. For your own coin gains we suggest implementing the method with several players at the same time, to ensure you are buying many players and not waiting around for bargains to appear! It is likely that the players shown in this guide will no longer work, as the publicity will generate extra competition!




1. The first step is to identify a popular player between 5-15k(ish), that’s listed in high volume, and that FUTers would want to attach an expensive Chemistry Style to. The reason you need to search between 5-15k is because this price range will provide the best profit margins! This is because you need to think about the price of the player compared to the price of the Chemistry Style, and the popularity of applying an expensive Chemistry Style to that player. Not many FUTers would apply a 4.7k Hunter to a player worth 500 coins, and your profit margins will be significantly less on a player worth 30k+. Upping your price range of players will also come with higher risk!


The two most expensive Chemistry Styles on the Playstation are currently Hunter (4.7k) and Shadow (2.9k). With this is mind, we decided to search for a Midfielder. Although many FUTers would not typically attach a Hunter card to Ramsey, we felt there was still enough demand to warrant testing this.


Ramsey in the basic Chemistry Style was going for 11,750 at the time of searching and thus kept the Ramsey shown below with a Hunter applied under the radar. Ramsey at 11,750 + a Hunter at 4,700 FIFA 15 Coins would mean that a FUTer would have to pay 16,450 to attach it themselves.


2. With this information, we knew that bidding 12,000 for Ramsey would ensure 3,200 coins profit (26-27%), if we successfully sold him for 16,000. We realised this was feasible by regularly re-listing him as only one was listed at the time for 16.5k. Although we’ve screenshotted placing the bid, we successfully purchased Ramsey for 12,000 coins. We felt 16,000 coins was a tempting price for some FUTers, as they would be saving an easy 450 coins. In our opinion, and in these circumstances, listing any higher than 16k would make it significantly more difficult to sell.

3. Although it took three 1 hour listing cycles, we successfully sold Ramsey for 16,000 coins, making us a profit of 3,200 coins. This can be attributed to the popularity of attaching a Hunter card to Ramsey. To increase the likelihood of selling your player quickly, you should always think in terms of the popularity of other FUTers wanting to attach that Chemistry Style to that player. It’s worth noting that with popularity, comes increased competition though!


Although you’ll find it difficult finding players to bid on every minute, you’ll still make decent profit margins if you start to monitor several players at the same time (we experimented the method on Queresma too as shown below, and made an easy profit of 1,500 coins on 1 card!).

Furthermore, if you spot your selected player with your desired Chemistry Styles applied listed cheaply enough on a Buy Now to make a small profit (whilst your own are listed), it’s worth picking up that card and listing it back up! The other Ramsey you can see above in our Current Transfers was purchased for 14,000 coins, and not only ensured our previous one sold at 16,000, but the 14k Ramsey also sold shortly after for 15,750 coins as shown below;



We decided to use the example of Ramsey to show that this method requires patience, and can still be implemented with players that significantly less FUTers will want to attach an expensive Chemistry Style too, in this case a Hunter on Ramsey. The method is all about thinking about the relative prices of the player compared to the Chemistry Style / Position Change card, whilst also ensuring the player + attached consumable is popular enough among other FUTers.


Although this method can be fairly time consuming, you can experiment further and distinguish your player from it’s original state to a greater extent. This can often significantly up his price as other FUTers will see it as a big effort having to apply the Consumables themselves (your changes must be desirable though!).


Moving back to the original method we walked you through, it’s clear that using the method with several players will allow you to make consistent coins. We advise that you have a bid figure in mind on all players, and definitely bid in the lowest possible increments to obtain the player. Keep your bid price slightly over his going price in the basic Chemistry Style / Position and you’ll pick up some real bargains!