The Most Cost-efficiency Card of FIFA 15: Christian Vieri

utfifa15coins Date: Dec/19/14 16:25:03 Views: 44

It's legendary said that Christian Vieri is the most cost-efficiency card in FIFA 15, and if you are a loyal fan for FIFA series, he will be the nostalgic choice. I want to introduce you the Italian national team striker who has been seen one of the most excellent center and most prolific shooters.

The Most Cost-efficiency Card of FIFA 15: Christian Vieri

Traits of Christian Vieri

1. strong; the comprehensive quality is 83, while the strength is up to 87. 

2. good shooting technology; Finishing up to 90; 82 Long Shots + 87 Shot Power make him has gorgeous shooting ability. Finally, the most important thing is his Heading Accuracy -90. 90 Heading Accuracy + Strength grants him with the wonderful headed goal skills.



1. intermediate speed

2. good dribbling ability; DRI is only 78. And his Skill Moves, Weak Foot only 3-star.

3. easy to be hurt.


Usage experience


Do not let him dribble ball. Once he takes the ball, shoot with excellent shooting skills directly. 

On the aspect of collocation, you need to choose a player with high DRI and PAS to be his partner. Create opportunities by drop pass and flip pass.


Make more use of LT to defend the ball. Due to strong body, fewer players can rob the ball from his hand.

This player only costs 405k in XBOX. And in, you only need to spend 19 USD.