POE 3.3 Builds For Indestructible with Immune Howa BF Jugg

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1.Pros and Cons





6.Leveling Guide



9.Pob Link and Skill Tree


POE 3.3 Builds For Indestructible with Immune Howa BF Jugg



Pros and Cons:

+ Basically indestructible with end game gear, just insanely tanky with a budget version

+ Very good damage, up to 1.8m shaper dps (or way more, read below)

+ Flexibility, you can go for either more dps or more ES, also you can switch to molten strike easily

+ Immune to all major debuffs in the game (+ temp chains)

+ Mows through end game content like it's nothing, uber elder included

+ Very good uber lab farmer

+ Very fast mapper

+ You can start the build with 3-5ex and upgrade it gradually


- Can't do ELE reflect maps (unless you take out all support gems, the damage is still fine then)

- Very expensive to reach crazy numbers




First of all, you might ask, why in the heck juggernaut for a build based on intelligence and energy shield? Because jugg solves all the problems that your typical ES attack build would have. No stun immunity, low attack speed, problems with debuffs or physical damage - jugg ignores all of that, just read below.


This is a howa build. It means that we need to stack as much intelligence as possible. Intelligence will provide us damage, energy shield but attack speed as well, thanks to shaper's touch and Undeniable ascendancy perk.

It doesn't mean that remaining attributes will give us nothing. Strength will provide us massive boosts to energy shield, while dexterity will increase our attack speed as well as damage thanks to the cyclopean coil.

Thanks to the proper combination of items (and Unstoppable), this guy is immune to nearly all debuffs in the game. bleed, stun, freeze, shock, ignite, blind, poison, you name it. thanks to that, not only you free up your flask slots, but the gameplay is extremely satisfying, as you don't have to worry about anything that will weaken you.

For physical defense, we will be using a combination of the cast when damage has taken + immortal cry and jugg's Unflinching. Along with death's door boots (+1 endurance charge), this will provide us with nearly permanent physical damage immunity, as well as 50%, increased ES recovery thanks to Arakaali pantheon power. It's worth noticing that this combination will provide us with a vast regen bonus from Unbreakable, as we will be mitigating almost all physical damage taken.

For elemental defense, we use incandescent heart, as it's most likely BiS for us. Provides great elemental damage reduction, nice damage boost, decent amount of es and solves leech problems completely.




Weapon -> frenzy, blood rage, ancestral protector (you can add enchance instead of frenzy for more attack speed)

Armor -> blade flurry, conc effect/increased aoe for mapping, damage on full life, elemental damage with attacks, elemental focus. If you have a 6l -> lightning penetration

Shield -> lvl 1 clarity (if you have watcher's eye), lvl 1 summon lightning/flame golem, lvl 1 cwdt

Helmet -> wrath, vaal discipline, purity of elements, enlighten (preferably lvl 4)

Boots -> shield charge, faster attacks, fortify, culling strike

gloves -> increased duration, lvl 3 immortal call, lvl 1 cwdt, lvl 5 enfeeble/elemental weakness




Undeniable, Unstoppable, Unflinching, Unbreakable, the order doesn't really matter, but I'd definitely take Undeniable first




Arakaali, you only need to upgrade Arachnoxia for increased recovery of energy shield, do it as soon as possible. For the minor one, I like Ralakesh, nice against phys degens, lab traps and blind



Leveling Guide:

Unfortunately, the best way to level up with this character is to go for typical blade flurry/sunder brute and then respec once you finish the story line (lvl 70, when you can equip all the items).

At this point, just go for nearest damage/life nodes, you should be able to easily finish the storyline without any problems

Noticeable uniques that will help you while leveling:

- Wall of brambles - this armor will completely solve your physical damage problems for the entire storyline

- Belt of the deceiver - very good defensively and offensively, can be used till respec

- Carnage heart - same story, it will solve any attribute problems as well

- Le help of all - great and cheap rings, they boost stats, resistances, and damage very nicely

For the rest of the equipment, just go for rares that you find, or buy cheap, strong uniques on remaining slots (Reginald's vise, red blade tramplers, Ichimonji, etc)




So that's it, folks, I hope this is helpful and perhaps someone will try this build out, if something's not clear please ask questions in this topic, I'll try to clarify everything as soon as possible. I'll update the guide in the future if I'll come up with anything new. 

Also, if this guide will get, let's say, above medium interest (:p), I'll write another guide for Whispering ice Guardian I have in plans. Currently, my PoB results are shocking (27k es, 3.5m shaper DPS and arguably cheaper than this one), so if any of you will be interested, just let me know :> 



Shaper full run


Chimera full run


Phoenix full run


Minotaur full run



Pob Link:https://pastebin.com/MjKaHgZp

Skill Tree:https://tinyurl.com/yb4p5ce4