How to Minimize You Risk When Taking on FIFA 15 Coins Investments

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It is clear that a large number of you tend to gravitate towards the fifa 15 coins making methods providing the least risk, yet still potentially handsome rewards. With this in mind, this easy-to-follow guide will cater for those of you wishing to make decent coins, without the risk of one bad investment ruining all your hard work!

How to Minimize You Risk When Taking on FIFA 15 Coins Investments


The aim of this guide is to shed some light on how you can minimize your risk when taking on investments. The guide will cater for players which are as low risk as it gets, and also players which are slightly higher risk.

To begin, you will all know that every player in FIFA 15 Ultimate Team has a quick sell (discard) value. These quick sell values are essentially a safety net, providing you with an insured amount of coins. Before getting into the nuts and bolts of this guide, we’ll begin by listing every quick sell value with regard to each player rating;

40 BRONZE 12 30 800  
41 BRONZE 12 31 820  
42 BRONZE 13 32 840  
43 BRONZE 13 32 860  
44 BRONZE 13 33 880  
45 BRONZE 14 34 900  
46 BRONZE 14 35 920  
47 BRONZE 14 35 940  
48 BRONZE 14 36 960  
49 BRONZE 15 37 980  
50 BRONZE 15 38 1000  
51 BRONZE 15 38 1020  
52 BRONZE 16 39 1040  
53 BRONZE 16 40 1060  
54 BRONZE 16 41 1080  
55 BRONZE 17 41 1100  
56 BRONZE 17 42 1120  
57 BRONZE 17 43 1140  
58 BRONZE 17 44 1160  
59 BRONZE 18 44 1180  
60 BRONZE 18 45 1200  
61 BRONZE 18 46 1220  
62 BRONZE 19 47 1240  
63 BRONZE 19 47 1260  
64 BRONZE 19 48 1280  
65 SILVER 98 228 4550  
66 SILVER 99 231 4620  
67 SILVER 101 235 4690  
68 SILVER 102 238 4760  
69 SILVER 104 242 4830  
70 SILVER 105 245 4900  
71 SILVER 107 249 4970  
72 SILVER 108 252 5040  
73 SILVER 110 256 5110  
74 SILVER 111 259 5180  
75 GOLD 300 600 9150  
76 GOLD 304 608 9272  
77 GOLD 308 616 9394  
78 GOLD 312 624 9516  
79 GOLD 316 632 9638  
80 GOLD 320 640 9760  
81 GOLD 324 648 9882  
82 GOLD 328 656 10004  
83 GOLD 332 664 10126  
84 GOLD 336 672 10248  
85 GOLD 340 680 10370  
86 GOLD 344 688 10492 25800
87 GOLD 348 696 10614 26100
88 GOLD 352 704 10736 26400
89 GOLD   712 10858 26700
90 GOLD   720 10980 27000
91 GOLD   728 11102 27300
92 GOLD   736 11224 27600
93 GOLD   744 11346 27900
94 GOLD     11468 28200
95 GOLD     11590 28500

Please note: Many of these rating categories will obviously be unattainable at near quick sell value.


Step-by-step summary:

  1. Gauge how susceptible a chosen player is to rise in price (both in the short term and long term).
  2. For your reference, check the listed quick sell values to see whether it can act as a safety net on your investment.
  3. Invest and hold that player.
  4. Sell at an inflated price (hopefully) when you feel the time is right. You should use your experience of the FUT 15 Transfer Market here, but we’ll provide analysis further on in this guide.
  5. Use the profit you make to re-invest in other players (preferably hovering around their quick sell value, or their consistent going rate, further limiting the risk). It’s difficult to lose many coins if the player is purchased outside of a market crash period, and consistently sells at the rate you purchase him for.


The Proof:

The key to gauging how susceptible a player is to rise in price is to think in terms of their supply and demand. Assuming no events cause a fluctuation in supply (keep an eye out for these), you should pay particular attention to their demand.

Note: The main events which can cause a fluctuation in supply are; pack offers, a quality totw (more packs opened), and those which hoard investments and sell at an obvious time, constantly undercutting one another.


What can increase the demand for a player?

Firstly, and in terms of this coin making method, a player with favourable stats (or sometimes even mediocre stats) can see an increase in demand when they are the specific requirement for a hyped FUT 15 Tournament. Scarcity is key here, as similar alternatives will allow FUTers to scope the cheapest option. The hype of a tournament will be dependent upon two factors; mainly the win rewards, and secondly the publicity generated (for example a popular YouTuber may enter the tournament for the fun of it, causing many of their subscribers to also do the same). Your focus should be on players that many other FUTers will want to use for their teams.


Let’s use an example;

You can read Christian R. Larsen’s latest ‘FUT 15 St. Patricks Day Long Term Investments Guide‘, where he recommended two players to invest in, both hovering around quick sell value;

  • Shane Long (350 coins) – ST, Gold non-rare, 75 rated. Quick sell value: 300 coins. The absolute worst case scenario would be a loss of 50 coins per card (1/7th of what you purchased him for). This is as low risk as it gets!
  • Aiden McGeady (900 coins) – RM, Gold-rare, 78 rated. Quick sell value: 624 coins. Max loss: 276 coins per cards (slightly higher risk, but still less than 1/3rd of what you purchased him for).

With these recommendations in mind, and fully well knowing that the St. Patrick’s Day tournament would generate player hype down the line, especially as the majority of FUTers will want to use these two players for their squads, we felt it was important that our readers knew about it! Use the St. Patrick’s Day of FUT 14 to your advantage though, it was clear that many FUTers purchased Irish / N.Irish players at inflated values, losing a lot of coins when they were listed en masse.


But why invest now if the tournament is 5 months away (especially with an upcoming market crash)?

We knew you would be thinking this! The idea is that you pick up the players when they are close to quick sell value as they could potentially rise at any time. It just so happened that with the extra publicity, more FUTers took note and started purchasing them. The addition of Shane Long in TOTW 9 also helped secure his price increase. Their values as of now are as follows;

  • Shane Long: 950 coins Playstation 3/4, 750 coins Xbox 360/One
  • Aiden McGeady: 1900 coins Playstation 3/4, 1400 coins Xbox 360/One

Not bad profits in a short space of time!

We anticipate that prices will fall to nearer their original values throughout the looming market crash (during Mid December until Mid January), and will rise thereafter in the build up until the tournament. You should focus on certain players nearing quick sell throughout the market crash.


What tournaments can this coin making method potentially be used with?

It’s fairly difficult to get specific, other than the St. Patrick’s Day tournament, as tournaments will change for the most part from year to year. With this being said, your focus can also shift to ‘events’ that cause a player’s demand to increase.


What ‘events’ can you use to your advantage when investing in players?

  • Real world player performances (especially if you anticipate them to receive an in-form, such as Shane Long in TOTW 9).
  • YouTuber hype! Ever noticed a sudden increase in a ‘mediocre’ player’s price? This can sometimes be due to a YouTuber’s large following taking note, and using this player for their team.

Let’s take a look at the silver Barclays Premier League player, Danny Ings, who featured in TOTW 11. We can appreciate Ings is well above the quick sell value of a silver rare player, but there is still a lot to be learned from the following data! Burnley faced a tough fixture away to Stoke last Saturday (22nd November) and thanks to Danny Ings’ brace they managed a 2-1 upset, gaining a very much needed 6 points from their last two league fixtures. Ings was consistently selling around 3.1k (Xbox) and 2.2k (PS) for the last few weeks so we knew he would be little risk.

Price fluctuation in buildup to fixture:

  • November 20th
    • Average Xbox BIN price: 3,165 coins
    • Average Playstation BIN Price: 2,403 coins
  • November 21st
    • Xbox: 3,188 coins
    • PS: 2,472 coins
  • November 22nd
    • Xbox: 3,748 coins
    • PS: 2,867 coins

Let’s imagine you purchased 5 of these cards right after his second goal at the average BIN price that day, that’s a total investment of 18,740 coins and 14,335 coins on the Xbox and Playstation respectively. Let’s continue and see how this performance manipulated his market price…

  • November 23rd
    • Xbox: 4,635 coins
    • PS: 3,880 coins
  • November 24th
    • Xbox: 4,611 coins
    • PS: 4,417 coins
  • November 25th
    • Xbox: 6,757 coins
    • PS: 5,628 coins

The 25th was an interesting day for two reasons, firstly, we (and several other outlets) released the TOTW 11 Predictions, which Included Ings, further increasing his demand. Secondly, this was also the highest price we’d seen him on both consoles. Let’s say you decided to play it safe and sell up, you’d have made an average profit of13,355.75 coins on Xbox and 12,398 coins on Playstation (5% EA tax accounted!). Let’s continue and take a look at the next day’s average BIN price on both consoles…

  • November 26th
    • Xbox: 5,976 coins
    • PS: 6,956 coins

Selling on this day would have provided an average profit of 9,646 coins on Xbox and 18,706 coins on the Playstation (5% EA tax accounted). As you can clearly see, both consoles differ in terms of market trends, so there truly is no way of predicting exactly what will happen. Waiting an extra day on Xbox would have resulted in a decrease in profit of 3,709.75 and an increase in profit of 6,308 on Playstation! This example is just from investing in 5 players… imagine the profit you could make from investing in 10, 20 or even more! If you’re feeling even more ambitious, you can also branch out and use this type of investment method with more than one player at a time.

There is always risk involved when purchasing players well above quick sell value, but the more risk, the more coins you can potentially make. The key here is to ensure their price is steady over the previous few weeks and avoid purchasing him around big events, such as new pack offers and new card releases! Remember if you want to play it safe and take out the risk of losing coins, stick to those players hovering around discard value!

We hope you now have a better understanding at how you can use discard values to your advantage, and also how hype and player performances can be used to make serious coinage.