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FUTMas FAQ For FIFA 15 Ultimate Team

Xmas is getting closer and closer to us, and EA Sports is preparing to offer some special events and deals in order to celebrate Christmas. FUTMas is an essential event for FIFA Ultimate Team. After the defensive formation guide prepare for christmas we have made, Today we created a short questions and answers guide for FUTmas. Find out when the best packs will be available and how you can take advantage from them this season.

Q: What is FUTMas ?
A: FUTMas is an initiative created by EA Sports to celebrate the Christmas season. During the FUTMas there is a new Happy Hour or a new tournament every day.

Q: When is FUTMas ?
A: Every year, during the Christmas season. In FIFA 15, it takes place between December 19th and January 2nd.

Q: Are there Daily Gifts during the FUTMas ?
A: Yes. Daily Gifts are assigned every day between December 19th and January 2nd.

Q: What is the schedule of FUTMas for FIFA 15 ?
A: It is announced only when it happens. To know all the Happy Hours check the following chapter.

Q: FUTMas and ’15 Days of FIFA’ are the same thing ?
A: No. The only thing they have in common is that they are released during the Christmas season. During the ’15 Days of FIFA’, EA Sports offers special gifts to the followers of their social channels.

Q: Which Happy Hours are expected to occur during FUTMas ?
A: From the experience of previous years, the following packs should be released:
Jumbo Rare Players Packs (100k)
Mega Packs (35k)
Premium Gold Players Packs (25k)
Rare Consumables Packs (20k)
Jumbo Premium Gold Packs (15k)
Premium Gold 13 Packs (7.5k)
Gold 13 Packs (5k)
Consumables Packs (3k)


Q: Are there new packs during FUTMas ?
A: Yes. Gold 13 Packs and Premium Gold 13 Packs are only available only during FUTMas. They are just like Gold Packs and Premium Gold Packs, for the same price, but with an extra free card.

Q: When will 100k packs be released ?
A: In the previous years, 100k packs were released on December 26th and January 2nd. We think they will be released again on these two days.

Q: It is possible to know which packs will be released on which days ?
A: No. We can only speculate on the basis of what happened in previous years:

December 19 to december 24
Gold 13 Packs (5k), Premium Gold 13 Packs (7.5k), Jumbo Premium Gold Packs (15k), Premium Gold Players Packs (25k)

    December 25Mega Packs (35k)
    December 26Jumbo Premium Gold Packs (15k), Rare Consumables Packs (20k), Premium Gold Players Packs (25k), Mega Packs (35k), Jumbo Rare Players Packs (100k)
    December 27 to December 31Premium Gold Players Packs (25k), Rare Consumables Packs (20k), Jumbo Premium Gold Packs (15k), Premium Gold 13 Packs (7.5k)
    January 1Jumbo Rare Players Packs (100k)

January 2
Premium Gold 13 Packs (7.5k), Gold 13 Packs (5k)


Q: Is there any limit on the amount of packs we can buy ?
A: Yes. The limits are the usual ones. However, on Boxing Day (December 26th), there isn’t an individual limit. There are global limited quantities which means that whoever comes first is the first to be served. The lighting rounds take place every three hours and the best packs are usually the last ones to be released.

Q: How different are the tournaments released during the FUTMas ?
A: They have better prizes.

Q: How FUTMas affects the market ?
A: The FUTMas has a significant impact on the FUT 15 market, especially on days when the best packages are released (December 26th and January 2nd). On these days lots of packs are sold and many new gamers start playing the game. There are more cards on the market and the prices are lower. Usually the prices drop more than 20%, which means that you can buy cards and sell them shortly after by very considerable profit margins.

Q: How to profit with FUTMas ? When should I sell and buy cards ?
A: It is very easy to make fifa 15 coins during the FUTMas. You just need to sell and buy at the right time. Don’t buy packs. Take the chance to build a better squad or to buy low and sell higher.

For someone less experienced, the best thing to do is to sell everything as soon as possible and (re)buy the cards during Happy Hours featuring 100k packs. The prices will be higher a few days after the biggest happy hours, even with TOTY coming (January 12th).



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