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FIFA 15 Special Team Squad Builder: Under 100K Hybrid Team

This is a insane hybrid squad you can put together for less than 100,000 fifa coins, the sort of budget would usually go a long way whatever the occasion, but put together the fact that all players prices are at an all-time low at the moment and the results are just brilliant. Take a look at the HD video below.

For those of you who like to read on and aren’t that visually enticed, then we’ve got the full starting eleven for you from the goalie to the two strikers.


GK – Petr Čech (Chelsea)

LB – Jordi Alba (FC Barcelona)

CB – Raphaël Varane (Real Madrid)

CB – Laurent Koscielny (Arsenal)

RB – Pablo Zabaleta (Manchester City)

CDM – Paul Pogba (Juventus)

LM – David Silva (Manchester City)

RM – Jesús Navas (Manchester City)

CAM – Adam Lallana SIF (Liverpool)

ST – Radamel Falcao (Manchester United)

ST – Robin Van Persie (Manchester United)


As always i take you through which chemistry styles should be applied to which specific players and i explain why as well. Then i go on to explain in detail the instructions (next-gen only) that you should apply to your finished team in-order to get the best out of them all. This includes the defenders, midfielders and strikers instructions and you can access them by pressing Y (Xbox) or Triangle on the PlayStation.


Once that’s out of the way i then show you some quick highlights of a 90 minute match in which this 100K Hybrid squad is put to the test. The game is always an FUT tournament match as we cannot do a divisions/seasons game due to the fact of the Road To Division 1 series we have set up on YouTube for our subscribers.


You may feel that there’s not enough pace up front, but these two strikers are predators and you simply have to either get them in space to shoot as they’re two of the best finishers around, or alternatively you can cross the ball into them as they are both deadly in the air as well. Not too many defenders will be able to compete with RVP and Falcao in an Arial battle so they are both overpowered in that respect.


Pogba is most probably one of the most OP players in the entire game and certainly the best CDM that money can buy, whilst the two centre-backs are really OP as well and will stop you conceding a lot of goals with their tremendous tackling, strength and Arial 


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