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FIFA 15 Guide: Seize the Opportunity to Score or Shoot in Rolling the Ball

There are many goal-scoring chances in the game, high-level player will grasp every chance ball very well while it is very difficult thing for beginners. And you know outcome of the game is the ability to grasp the chance ball. Here we will teach you 3 simple and efficient way to score, shoot or control the field.



The Finish - 2 star skill of roll ball

When you facing the goalkeeper with single-pole, if the goalkeeper attack that the angle of goal will be every small and saved by the goalkeeper. So you should use roll ball directly to make an empty net to break.



1. Do not accelerate when the goalkeeper to attack.

2. Using the right stick and looking the goalkeeper attack, roll ball to open space.


Quick Switch - Roll ball + Fake Pass + Fake Shot

Horizontal roll ball + fake shot to broke, get a space by roll ball, fake shot to cheat defensive player and then shot.



Time Buyer

Control tempo by ball roll, and waiting a big neutral beside teammates ran to make a single-pole.


Watch this FIFA 15 video to know the Quick Ball Rolls


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