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Every FIFA 15 Celebration Guides Part 1 - Fresh Moves

To score a goal is always a great moment. In real world, professional players have several ways to show their happiness every time they score. You can do the same. 


Every FIFA 15 Celebration Guides Part 1 - Fresh Moves


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Every FIFA 15 Celebration Guides Part 1 - Fresh Moves

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There are dozens of FIFA 15 celebrations. So what makes a good goal celebration? First off you’ll need to pick your favourite move to do while running, followed by a slick finishing move to make sure that your goal is all anyone will be able to talk about when Match of the Day airs later that night. 


Now you will learn how to do better in every FIFA 15 celebrations, let's take the part one of Every FIFA 15 Celebration Guides


There have been a few changes from last years options, with a couple of the now dated moves dropping off the roster, here’s what you won’t be able to pull off in FIFA 15, so get some fresh moves!



Bottom Dance


Le Cirque Labelle





Don’t worry though, because in exchange for those few that have been removed, EA have stuck in a whole host of unique celebrations to make up for it. Keep an eye out for these:



Right here right now

Old Man

Stand Tall

Kiss the Wrist

Hand Bite

Flag Kick

Flag Slap

Flag Celebrations

Belly Flop

Riding the Wave

The Business

Hand Spring

Twist Flip

If I Catch You


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