FUT 16 Changes: A More Wider Price Ranges

Price Ranges is a ever controversial topic, since it relates to the direct interests of FIFA Coins buyers and sellers. In a world, Price Ranges as an idea were sound, but implementing them in an already distorted landscape was never going to be smooth sailing. EA probably thought things would settle down within a few weeks, but months later people were still feeling the pain.

But as I said, the idea of Price Ranges was still a good one and at the time we stressed that in a clean environment like the start of FUT 16, they had the potential to work well. Today’s news of wider Price Ranges only cements that theory because the now increased ranges should allow for much needed trade freedom, whilst still enforcing an appropriate level of control. A 90% margin above and below the median player price should leave plenty of room for honest profit. 

EA were never going to ditch Price Ranges, but they certainly weren’t going to be able to sustain the sheer volume of updates and tweaks needed to run the current model either. Expanding Price Range breadth seems to be the most controlled, and sensible way to solve the “extinct players” problem. But just like last year, if and when issues do arise, it will be the speed in which EA respond that will more than likely determine the success of Price Ranges in FUT 16.

Besides, EA has announced the more changes they were making to the “FUT Player Experience”.

The highlights:

  • Price Ranges are now wider. Up to 90% greater than FUT 15.
  • New players will need to login on console/PC first, before they can access the web and mobile apps.
  • Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS3, PS4 and PC now have separate Transfer Markets.
  • A default platform must be chosen for Web and Mobile apps.

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