FIFA World Clubs Cup 2015 Guide: Think you're good? Prove it

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FWCC Pro Clubs Tournament is back and bigger than ever. All Clubs welcome with no player numbers limit. Running on all formats PS4, PC and XBOX ONE. FWCC Last ran in FIFA 2013 with almost 2,000 participants. FIFA Virtual Pro Association (FVPA) are hosting the FIFA World Clubs Cup 2015, the biggest Pro Clubs tournament ever seen. This year in FIFA 2015 we expect to shatter that record. - "Think you're good? Prove it!"


Current FWCC Holders

PlayStation Winners: Legend Souls (Spain)

PlayStation Runners Up: Royal Aces (Germany)

Xbox Winners: XFG eSports (France)

Xbox Runners Up: Olimpia CD (Honduras)


How To Enter

The FVPA has a rich history of organising large online multiplay events and with this tournament they’re looking to take it to the next level. This is your chance to do battle with Pro Clubs from around the world!


If you run a FIFA 15 club and would like to enter the FWCC you can do so by filling in the form here with your clubs details.