FIFA 16 Closed Beta Goes Live

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FIFA 16 closed beta can be available to download and play for some fans who have received an invite last month for the closed beta program of the upcoming soccer video game title, "FIFA 16".

Closed beta goes live


The closed beta file is available for the console versions of the game, and although the closed beta only has limited features, gamers can still check out a variety of plays on their Xbox 360 and Xbox One, and PlayStation 3 and 4. The game modes for the closed beta which players can choose from include Career, Pro Clubs, Online Seasons, and Ultimate Team. During the game, you maybe need to some fifa 16 coins to purchase player, provides them for you.


As for downloading the file, which comes at a massive 15.7 GB, those who have received the invites will again receive an email message with instructions on how to download and install the game. 


According to game site FIFPlay, the closed beta game looks to be the same as the demo title for "FIFA 16" that was showcased in this year's recently-concluded Gamescom convention. Character ratings have yet to be updated and still show statistics from last year's "FIFA 15" database. Meanwhile, the game also has a dedicated feedback page on the FIFA forums so that players who have already experienced the closed beta title can leave their feedback. 


According to early impressions of the closed beta, some of the invited testers have already complained of some issues on the onset of the file download itself. PS4 players pointed out that the file tended to become corrupted when the download goes into the background and activates the console's Rest mode. 


To remedy the issue, publisher Electronic Arts has urged players to do a work-around as a solution to the file corruption problem. Beta participants may change the settings and de-activate the Rest mode for the PS4, while downloading the closed beta file under Normal mode. If the issue still occurs, players can also hold the power button on the PS4 for a couple of seconds, cycling the device's systems instead of turning it off straight away.