FIFA 15 Ultimate Team: WINS special cards of Benelux

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FIFA 15 Ultimate Team mode and  follow the flow of the special cards, and the targets of the time were the players from minor leagues around the world, as well as the relevant Dutch and Belgian Championships. Haven't seen the new members of the prestigious list of best of the year? Check out.


FIFA 15 Ultimate Team WINS special cards of alloys from France and Italy


Dutch and Belgian Championships also won special cards and divide the list Benelux. The Dutch champion PSV, dominates the TOTS with five players: Willems, Wijnaldum, guarded, De Jong and Depay putting (new signing from Manchester United).


Across the midfield, players look for the interception with new animations to trap the ball midflight or stretching to block a speedy pass. To keep things balanced here, the attacking team has the new option to pass along the ground at speed at the risk of the receiver being unable to contain the pace. When the ball reaches the feet of the forwards, they can use the pace of the ball to run off it while dribbling, dropping a shoulder to wrong-foot defenders and continue toward goal.


The moment a player takes a shot on goal there are more variables affecting foot placement and momentum, which can result in absolute screamers or embarrassing howlers. The end result, EA hopes, is that players will be on their feet punching the air more often than they are head in hands and smacking sofa cushions. Will frustration owing to situations beyond control be relegated to the past?