FIFA 15 TOTT Short Guide: Basic FAQ and How it Works

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Few of you may know what exactly FIFA 15 TOTT is, we are confident that you have a lot of questions about it, this short guide will help you better know the basic knowledge of FIFA 15 TOTT and what exactly works.



Q: What is a Team of the Tournament?

A: It is a group of players that get new In Form cards for their good performance in a specific competition.


Q: What TOTT means?

A: It means ‘Team of the Tournament’.


Q: Is TOTT a new In Form card? I can’t find it in your cards guide!

A: No, it isn’t. TOTT is the name given to a selection of In Form players released at the same time at the end of an international competition.


Q: Which FIFA 15 TOTT will be released?

A: The one of the Africa Cup of Nations. No more TOTT are scheduled for FIFA 15.


Q: When FIFA 15 TOTT will be released?

A: It will be announced Friday, February 13th 2015 at 3pm (UK time) and it will be released in packs three hours later.


Q: The TOTW will be released as usual?

A: Yes. TOTW 22 and TOTW 23 will not be affected by the FIFA 15 TOTT release.


Q: What about the upgrades?

A: Because of the FIFA 15 TOTT release, the players upgrades were postponed for February 20th, one week later.


Q: What is the cards’ colour of this Team of the Tournament ?

A: Orange and black (to be confirmed).


Q: Why the cards of this Team of the Tournament are not green ?

A: It is not simple. Basically, EA Sports release green cards only for top tournaments like the World Cup. The In form players of the Africa Cup of Nations are rewarded with orange cards and are grouped in the TOTT.


Q: How it was with past international competitions ?

A: The first competition with special cards was the Euro 2012. The cards were purple, as you can see here, but no Team of the Tournament was released. In the end of Africa Cup of Nations 2013, EA Sports joined the In Form players in a single TOTT, with orange and black cards just like they are doing now. Last year, during the World Cup, green cards were assigned to the best players of the tournament.


Q: Who chose the players of this FIFA 15 TOTT ?

A: EA Sports FIFA Dev team.


Q: How many players will be released ?

A: 18.


Q: Which players will be chosen for the FIFA 15 TOTT ?

A: Five players will be picked, for sure: the ones that already got orange MOTM cards. As you can see here, they are Barry Copa, Yaya Touré, Christian Atsu, Javier Balboa and Wilfried Bony. The other players with better chances to be chosen are Henri Bedimo, John Boye, Kolo Touré, André Ayew, Serey Die and Gervinho .


Q: Who were the players of the real Team of the Tournament ?

A: As you can see in the following picture, they are: Kidiaba, Aurier, Boye, Mensah, Ghoulam, Gervinho, Bentaleb, Yaya, Ayew, Balboa and Bolasie.


Q: How much the cards are improved ?

A: The MOTM cards will be exactly the same ones that were released during the competition. The other players should be improved using the same scale.


Q: Does it means that not all the players will have a new card ?

A: Exactly. Who already got a orange card will not have a new card. Their MOTM cards will be re-released.


Q: If I own a card of a player that is chosen for the FIFA 15 TOTT, will this card be improved?

A: No. It remains exactly the same, with the original rating and attributes that were defined initially in the game.


Q: Can I have both the original NIF and the new card in my club?

A: Yes. However, a squad can only have one of them.


Q: Will Asian Cup players be included in this FIFA 15 TOTT ?

A: No. Only African players will make part of this team. For EA Sports, Asian Cup is not an important competition.


Q: What is the behaviour of these cards in the market?

A: Avoid to buy them in the first hours after they being released because they are really expensive. Their behaviour is exactly the same of any MOTM card (see the following picture, please).


Q: In which packs can I pull one of these cards?

A: In any pack with players cards.


Q: Which chances I have to pull one of these cards from a pack?

A: The same ones you have to pull these NIF cards in any other time.