FIFA 15: The Ultimate Team mode raises the controversy between the players

utfifa15coins Date: Mar/15/15 02:35:30 Views: 39

The current situation FIFA 15 is leading to Ultimate Team mode to suffer various connectivity problems, in addition to a wave of complaints following the implementation of the limits on prices for fifa coins and selling players.


Any player FIFA 15 self-respecting is aware of the problems that is suffering in recent times the way Ultimate Team. There are few complaints from players that are happening in recent months because of various problems of connectivity to servers through the online game mode, which have increased in the aforementioned Ultimate Team. Who has not undergone the circumstance that, after winning a match, a sudden drop of the service we have a defeat in the box?


All these problems are raising large blisters among the players, who have seen the drop that caused the Cup to overflow was the latest measure to limit prices in the buying and selling of players in the Ultimate Team mode. You can find detailed information in this regard at this news, but we can get that it is still a very controversial decision by Electronic Arts and that is causing huge complaints from FIFA 15 players.


This is due to the limitations of the players to cause the transfer market suffers a radical change, creating problems between users of the low cost of some players who bought at a much higher price.


So, Given the problems of connectivity and control of transactions by Electronic Arts is creating a debate of great magnitude in which we want to that you also participate. Do you think these problems and measures implemented in 15 FIFA controversy?