FIFA 15: The Moment Irish Ultimate Team Players Have Been Waiting For Is Here

utfifa15coins Date: Apr/27/15 10:57:09 Views: 47

Fantastic news for Irish FIFA Ultimate Team players on Xbox today, as EA Sports has finally announced that Roy Keane’s FIFA 15 Ultimate Team legend card is now available in packs.


What this means is that if you open packs on Ultimate Team for Xbox, you have a chance at pulling Keane’s legend card for use in your team. You’ll have to be incredibly lucky to find one, and you’ll have to be very wealthy in terms of in-game fifa coins to buy fifa 15 account his card when it appears on the market, as his price band is a minimum of 1.5 million coins, with a max of 3 million.


The chances are slim, but best of luck to anyone who’s going pack hunting for him.


Roy Keane’s legend card stats look brilliant. In particular that 90 physical and 86 defending which will make him absolutely dominant in the CDM position. We REALLY could have used Keano in our Irish squad for the St.Patrick’s Day tournament last month, but at least we might get a chance to see some Roy Keane highlights from anyone lucky enough to get a chance to use him.