FIFA 15 Players May Enjoy the Offline Game in New Year's Day

utfifa15coins Date: Dec/30/14 16:39:13 Views: 40

FIFA 15 has made a big marketing push in time for Christmas, with special events created for all lovers of the football simulation and Ultimate Team packs offered to those who like the mode, and the team at EA Sports also wants to make New Year’s Day a good time to enjoy the title both offline and online.


The official Twitter account of the company announces that they are preparing an open tournament which will take place both online and offline and will offer some solid rewards for players who are ready to play a few matches.


Those who take FIFA 15 online will get a special untradeable Gold Pack for the Ultimate Team mode and 5,000 fifa 15 coins in future wins. Those who prefer to play with friends locally or against the computer will be able to enjoy the New Year’s Open Tournament offline and will get a PREM Gold Jumbo Pack for 3,500 coins.


In offline mode, gamers need to make sure that they have selected the Professional difficulty in FIFA 15 in order to be part of the event.


Three major title updates have been offered for FIFA 15 so far and a new major one will be offered in February of 2015, designed to incorporate all the transfers which will take place in the real world during the coming January window.