FIFA 15 Is Ready For the Christmas Holiday Season Coming

utfifa15coins Date: Dec/12/14 14:52:49 Views: 43

Christmas is approaching fast and fans of the FIFA series can now pick up the special Holiday edition of this year’s installment, which includes more fifa 15 coins to spend and some new moves to execute when goals are scored.


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At the same time, fans of the Ultimate Team concept can start a campaign and use Lionel Messi, the highest-rated player in the football sim, under loan for a five-match period to get a solid start.


EA Sports is also preparing to offer some special events and deals in order to celebrate Christmas.


Recently, FIFA 15 received its third major title update, which is designed to fix some of the bugs the community has mentioned and to introduce some changes to crossing mechanics and defensive positioning.


There are some members of the community who are asking the developers to change the way pace is implemented in order to make matches more tactical.


Presumably, EA Sports is evaluating such a possibility for the patch that is traditionally delivered in late February with the main aim of updating the lineups of the virtual experience to match transfers that happen in the real world during January.