FIFA 15: Introducing Hero In-Forms to FIFA Ultimate Team

utfifa15coins Date: May/06/15 22:16:53 Views: 17

Today, we will be introducing purple Hero items into FIFA Ultimate Team. Hero items will represent individual honours and moments such as:


Award Hero


These honour individual league awards, including Player of the Year and Young Player of the Year.


Club Hero


These honour a player’s heroic contribution during an important match such as a league derby, winning promotion to a higher league, or saving his club from relegation.


The first of these players will be available for the week until Monday, May 11 at 18:00 UK. However, after this first round of releases, all other new hero items will be available for 24 hours much like Man of the Match in-forms.


Like Team of the Week or Man of the Match items, a player’s hero item will be rated higher than his previous in-form but below his potential Team of the Season and/or Team of the Year in-form.


If a player who is already selected for the Community Team of Season receives a Hero item before Team of the Season launches, he will not be removed from the Community TOTS.


As this is a brand new in-form, please let us know what you think as we’re very open to modifying its criteria based on your feedback.