FIFA 15: EA Release 35K Mega Packs

utfifa15coins Date: Apr/15/15 13:57:47 Views: 27


The FIFA 15 35K Mega Packs are now available in Ultimate team. These cost is 35K  with a limit of 5 packs. The FIFA 15 35K Mega Packs will only be available for a day. This is EA’s first pack promotion since the installment of the Price Range update.


This is basically EA’s way of suggesting – “Now that we stopped fifa coin sellers, let’s get all your money!”


Most members of the FIFA community are still outraged by the Price Range update that resulted in players losing stock in the market. There are now numerous blogs across the web that are calling for gamers to boycott FIFA 16. FIFA faithful have since come to the defense of FIFA claiming the updates were appropriate and makes the market fair for those intent on building their squads the way EA intended.


We know the support for Ultimate Team has been at all time lows. The #RIPFUT hashtag has continued to litter social media. What can EA do to fix their image?


It will all come down to luck but we hope that some of you have managed to pick out some new gold rare players. Send us your pictures so that we can post on our Twitter page (See Full FIFA contacts).