FIFA 15 Cyber Monday Guide - Happy Hour Pack Offers

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Cyber Monday is here and EA will be releasing more pack offers! FIFA 15 Coins Rare 25k packs will be in the store all day, from 8am UK. ‘Lightning round’ packs will be released throughout the day (Monday 1st) every 3 hours from 3pm UK until 12am UK Tuesday 2nd, and will be available on a first come, first served basis!




25k (or 500 FIFA Points) Rare Gold Pack:

The most unique Gold items, all in a single pack! A mix of 12 items, including players and consumables, at least 10 Gold and all Rare.

Pack limit: 5


Lightning round Packs: We’ll update this post with all the details as soon as the first come, first served packs are available!


3pm UK:

15k (or 300 FIFA Points) Jumbo Premium Gold Pack:

Double the size of a Premium Gold Pack with an extra rare! A mix of 24 items, including players and consumables, at least 20 Gold with 7 Rares.

Pack limit: 100,000


6pm UK:

25k (or 350 FIFA Points) Premium Gold Players Pack:

Nothing but players to build out your ultimate squads! Includes 12 players, at least 10 Gold with 3 Rares.

Pack limit: 100,000


9pm UK:

35k (or 700 FIFA Points) Mega Pack:

The BIGGEST pack yet with a whopping 30, yes THIRTY, items! A mix of players and consumables, at least 26 Gold with 18 Rares.

Pack limit: 50,000


12am UK:

100k (or 2,000 FIFA Points) Jumbo Rare Players Pack:

The most unique top-rated players, all in a single pack! Includes 24 items, all players, all Gold, all Rare.

Amount available: 25,000


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