FIFA 15 App Issues Again: Disconnect, Poor Server Response Times

utfifa15coins Date: Dec/17/14 17:12:07 Views: 42

The FIFA 15 Ultimate Team app is so popular that has seen more than 10 million downloads on the Google Play Store and around the same amount on the iTunes App Store as well. The app has only been available for a few months as well, so its success is exceptionally impressive. Unfortunately though, the latest update to the game seems to have made the experience of using it a lot worse.

The issues seem to have started earlier this month when EA released a new update to the game on both the iOS and Android platforms. Since then, users on both platforms haven’t been able to enjoy a smooth gameplay experience like before, and instead have been facing various niggling issues such as not being able to connect to the game server, general poor server response times, Facebook login issues, and some are even reporting that the actual gameplay has worsened somehow and doesn’t feel as engaging as it once was.


FIFA 15 Ultimate Team Server Issues FIFA 15 Ultimate Team server problem1 300x168On both the Google Play Store and the iTunes App Store, recent reviews on the game seem to be from frustrated users who updated the game and are no longer able to enjoy it like they used to. Here’s one of the more recent reviews on the Google Play Store (our apologies for the spelling and grammatical errors): “Bugs, hangs while playing , worst controlls working automatically Too many bugs , m tryin to play it but its like too slow , my net speed is fast still connection lost its servers nd all dis stuff happening after every game”. Yet another user has this to say: “Poor server makes us wait for a long time I have a fast and stable WIFI connection yet i need to wait 3-4 minutes to connect the server. The server is completely dissapointed for player who just want to play a match. Fix the server or make it offline better. The server is not stable and have a lot problems with it”.


Similar reviews can be seen on the iTunes App Store as well. We all hope that EA will fix these issues sooner rather than later and not continue to ignore them for long, despite this, you can still buy fifa 15 coins on UTfifa15coins with cheap price and 24/7 live chat service.