FIFA 15: 4 Ways Price Range Update Ruined Ultimate Team

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Has the controversial implementation of the FUT Price Range update ruined FIFA forever? Possibly the biggest change in FUT in recent times, the Price Range update rolled out in early March this year. The update placed min and max caps on every FUT card in the transfer market. EA incorporated this change to address illegal FIFA account selling and price inflation in the market, but it has received mixed reviews.


As stated earlier, the price ranges affect every consumable, players, etc. Gone are the days of listing an in-form for a 150 coin start price, as even with new Team of the Week players there is an allocated price range. They have certainly had a big impact, although it certainly hasn’t been a seamless transition. Whilst Xbox users are enjoying lowering prices for the top players, Playstation and PC users are facing a number of problems of their own, some of which are arguably breaking the game.


There is still work needed to perfect the Price Range update. Inside this slideshow we take a look at four areas that the Price Range update are affecting FUT: Prices, FIFA Coins Sellers, Extinction of Players and Team of the Season release. There is still work needed to perfect.


Prices Fall for Cards


The net effect of price ranges seems to be a positive one when it comes to player prices. Legend cards on the Xbox have fallen to become much more affordable. A legend like Michael Owen was going for over 1 million coins a month ago, but is now going for 400,000 coins.


Price ranges have made these higher tier players more attainable for the average player, who would previously find it very difficult to build up the millions of coins needed to try out a legend card or over a high rated regular card like Suarez or Ibrahimovic.


Coin Sellers Lost their Job? 


One of the main aims of price ranges was to make coil selling more difficult. Alongside this EA also removed club names from the transfer market and are clearly clamping down on coin farming in general. They see it as necessary for their own profits, but also they claim their want to make the game fairer.


Price ranges have made buying coins more difficult, as the process of buying an amount of coins in bulk is much more difficult. This can only be a positive thing for the future of FUT, as if it is implemented properly in Fifa 16 then player prices will be relatively normal.


Extinct Players after Price Range Update


This is a big, big issue when it comes to price ranges that doesn’t look close to being fixed. Players become extinct when demand exceeds supply and demand it often at it’s highest if a player is made to be very affordable relative to how good they are.


For example, the third in-form Yannick Bolasie was released a week ago. With 88 pace, 5 star skills and a central position change allowing him to be moved to a striker role, it was a card that many people wanted to try out. Add in the fact that he is in the EPL and his price could have settled around 200,000 coins before price ranges.


Crunch Time for TOTS

Team of the season is such a big time for EA and will define whether price ranges have been a success or a failure. They will have to set the price range for every blue TOTS card that is released and will be under intense scrutiny when it comes to choosing the best ranges.


Ultimate Team TOTS will begin to be released on the 29th April. The special blue cards represent big upgrades from the regular cards and therefore will likely demand a high price. It will be important for EA to avoid any of the TOTS players to be extinct.